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If you are stranded on the highway or on any roadway, please be fully aware of the traffic, your safety and the safety of your passengers!

If you need to and if possible, move the vehicle to a safe area away from oncoming traffic.

If your vehicle is not drivable and it's on the roadway or is blocking a lane, activate the hazard lights and immediately get everyone out of the vehicle and walk to a safe area.

Once at a safe location call 911 and inform police that your vehicle is creating a traffic hazard for other motorists so that they can dispatch officers to help avoid any accidents.

Roadside Assistance
Round Rock TX

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Countrywide Roadside Assistance proudly provides roadside service to stranded motorists in the Round Rock Texas area and surrounding cities.

If you or a friend find yourselves in need of roadside assistance please contact us 24 hours a day. Memberships are not required and we accept most major credit cards and debit cards. We can help you with:


If your vehicle ran-out of gasoline or diesel in Round Rock Texas, we could deliver you enough fuel to get your car or truck to a gas station. For passenger vehicles this means two gallons of unleaded gasoline and five or ten gallons of diesel for big rigs or tractor trailers.


When requesting roadside assistance in Round Rock Texas, most drivers call due to a flat tire change. We can definitely help you change a flat tire to get you back on your way and this could be on any road or in your driveway. Please Note: most spare tires are low on air, and they could pop if they are driven with low air pressure. Please make sure that the newly installed spare tire is properly inflated before you drive the vehicle and follow the manufacturer's instructions when driving with a spare tire.


Motorists in Round Rock TX and elsewhere know that it is only a matter of time for them, or you to lock your keys inside your car. Don't worry, you are not the first one to lock the keys in your car. Contact us and we will unlock the vehicle and get you going with our Car Unlocking Round Rock TX service.


All vehicles with faulty batteries require jumpstarts to get them running. Once running, the next stop should be to a local auto parts store to acquire a replacement battery or to purchase a replacement alternator. Battery life vary from battery to battery but in general, car batteries work best for three years then they reach their toll due to hot and cold temperatures. Hopefully, it's just a bad battery and not a worn-out or defective alternator which normally cost more to purchase and install than a battery. In either case, give us a call and we can give your vehicle a jumpstart whether it's a passenger car or a tractor trailer.

Round Rock TX
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If you are a roadside service provider and would like to join us to offer roadside assistance in your area, you're invited to call us.

Are you in need of Roadside Service? Give us a call and we'll be on our way to assist you!