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Car Battery Jump Start Austin TX

Most Car Batteries have a peak life of 3 to 5 years, but this depends on various factors!

For starters, the weather and climates can prolong or deteriorate the utility life of batteries faster than time alone.

For instance, both hot and cold weathers can affect the cranking power of all batteries whether they are new or seasoned and thus prevent a car starter motor from turning. This means that both, old and newer car batteries can fail during cold weather because the voltage in it at that moment might not be enough to engage the starter motor.

If you push the start button or turn the key and you hear a slow or rapid clicking noise coming from the motor area, it’s likely that your car battery needs to be charged or replaced. But a simple Battery Jump Start can be done to get your car running and have the alternator charge the battery. Our Roadside Assistance Professionals can provide a Car Jump Start Austin TX and check your battery to help determine if the battery needs to be replaced.

If you recently purchased the car battery, it might still be under warranty, and you could possibly get a “free” replacement where you bought it from.

If the culprit is a BAD ALTERNATOR, either one of two things can happen after its Jump Started:

1. The car will run when it’s Jump Started but it will turn off as soon as the battery loses charge since the alternator doesn’t work at all.

2. The car is able to run with power being generated by the alternator alone, but the alternator is faulty and can’t charge the car battery. If this is the case, the car will not turn on after it’s turned off because the battery wasn’t getting any charge so the alternator would need to be replaced before the battery.

Sometimes faulty alternators can keep a car running but it might not be able to charge the battery so when you turn off the car it won’t turn on without another Car Battery Jump Start.

If you need a Car Jump Start Austin TX Round Rock give us a call!

We will be happy to help you determine what is wrong with your car!

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How Much Does It Cost To Jump Start A Car?


The cost to Jump Start A Car can vary due to different factors to include:


* The location of the vehicle,

* Type of vehicle,

* The driving distance to it,,

* The time of day or night,

* is it raining,

* is it snowing,

* is it hot and so on;

 but for the most part it can cost between $65.00 and $120.00 under normal conditions.


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