At Countrywide Roadside Assistance we strive to provide each customer with the best quality service at the fastest time possible to get them back on their way.


With that said, we offer the following Roadside Assistance services:

  • Flat Tire Changes

  • Fuel Deliveries

  • Lockouts

  • Jumpstarts 


SAFETY is Always First!


If your vehicle is broken down on the road, we will not leave our customers stranded there. If we provide the requested service and if for any other mechanical reason your vehicle cannot be made road-worthy to be driven, we could give you a ride to the nearest open public business or wait with you till a tow truck or a police officer arrives to further assist you.


Other than stopping at a red light or a stop sign, never stop or stand still on traffic lanes. If your vehicle gets a flat tire or somehow stops running always completely exit the highway or roadway and stop your vehicle in a safe place. If you are forced to stop on the right or left shoulder always move as far away from the traffic lanes as safely possible.


Never stop your vehicle on a Gore Point! Gore Points are the triangular shape areas located by the exits and entrances to the highways. Those areas are highly prone for accidents since lots of distracted drivers enter or exit the highways in a hurry and sometimes do it at the last second in order not to miss their exit and plow onto the unsuspecting stranded vehicles.


When stranded on the highway or roadways always take precautions to ensure your safety by assessing the situation, the location, the traffic and safety conditions. 


If your stranded vehicle is located on or too close to traffic lanes, turn on your hazard lights immediately and get everyone out and away from the vehicle to safety. When possible, place cones, triangles or other traffic warning devices several feet behind the stranded vehicle to warn unsuspecting motorists of the hazard located ahead.

Providing Roadside Assistance is what we do in Austin TX and surrounding areas!